Corten Steel Planters

Benefits of Corten Steel Planters

Long-term durability. The loss of material from unprotected Corten steel actually occurs very slowly. The exact rate at which the metal oxidizes and loses material will also depend on the environment where the planter is located. But in any case, it is very slow and should last for many years.

Corten planters are made of a durable material that can last for many years, even in poor conditions. The exact durability of Corten metal planters depends on the climate, the amount of drainage and the thickness of the steel.

Unique look. Corten steel develops a patina over time naturally that looks like rust, bronze and copper hues. The color obtained is perfect for combining with all types of planting schemes, both naturalistic and architectural. It will add a rustic yet modern style to your garden, patio, backyard also for entrance of hotels or restaurant.

Weathering steel is normally used for landscaping and exterior construction or garden decoration. You can combine different forms and sizes of Watbick Corten Steel Planters to decorating your environment or drawing boundaries between them. The Corten is the best fit for contemporary garden plans.

All season use. The Corten steel is also known by weathering steel, like says the name is designed to withstand any kind of weather. On the contrary, it will benefit from the climate to generate the rusty color mentioned before.  

How to Rust a Corten Steel Planter?

The Watbick Corten steel planters arrives in a raw gray color and naturally develops a beautiful rust patina over time.
But if you don’t want to wait you can accelerate the process through chemicals that can be prepared at home.

Our rustic metal planters are made by weathering steel like say the name is weather resistant, so the weathering process is not really a rusting as the word would be commonly understood but is more similar to the curing and patination processes that also protect other long-lasting metals such as zinc, lead, bronze and copper. So, it looks like rusty only that really is a controlled and stable oxidation which generated a corrective, rather than damaging, layer on the metal.

The best thing to do is to let the weather do its job and rust the planter over time. As soon as you receive our Watbick Corten steel planters they will begin the rusting process and in a matter of weeks or months will take on an antique, rustic look. There is no end to this process, even when it reaches a very rusty look it will continue to rust.

If you are one of those who do not want to wait for the natural process. Here is a little trick to speed it up.

First of all, we will need the following:

1. White vinegar
2. Hydrogen peroxide
3. Salt
4. Spray bottle

Safety first, so wear gloves and take care of your eyes.

Step 1: mix 16oz of hydrogen peroxide, 2 oz of white vinegar and half tablespoon salt in the spray bottle.
Step 2: close the bottle and shake to mix everything well and the salt is no longer visible.
Step 3: place the Watbick planter on outdoors like on the grass at garden or patio to prevent staining.
Step 4: Spray the planter until it is completely covered.
Step 5: Just let the planter dry.

You can repeat wet and dry cycles all you want until you get the color that you wish.

Now you have a beautiful modern appeal planter to decorate your garden, patio or backyard.

This process you can do it with all our Watbick Corten steel planters available on Amazon.

History of Weathering Steel

 Weathering steel is a group of steel alloys that were developed to eliminate the need for painting and form a stable rust-like appearance after several years of exposure to weathering. Also known to by the genericized trademark COR-TEN steel or sometimes written simply as Corten steel.

In 1933, the United States Steel Corporation developed a steel with the benefit that was discovered shortly thereafter that is what characterizes this material, the controlled corrosion.
Because of its inherent toughness, this steel is still widely used for shipping and bulk storage containers.
In 1936 railroad passenger cars were built with Corten steel for the Southern Pacific by Pullman-Standard and only that these were painted. Then for the Rock Island Line in 1949.
Thanks to its high strength, it was also used for handling heavy bulk cargoes, such as coal, metal ores, other mineral products and grain.

The 1960s (1964 to be more specific) saw the emergence of civil engineering applications that took advantage of the high corrosion resistance of weathering steel, and it was eventually used in architecture.

Weather resistant steel works by controlling the rate at which oxygen in the atmosphere can react with the surface of the metal. Unlike non-weathering steels, they have a relatively porous oxide layer, which can retain moisture and promote further corrosion. Like iron or steel, they oxidize in the presence of air and water, giving rise to rust.

At present, anyone can have finished products made of Corten steel. It is ideally used to decorate the garden, patio or different outdoor settings. One of the most commercialized products that take advantage of the characteristics of this metal are the Corten steel planters.

You can see all our rustic planters like the Corten steel series on our website and Amazon.

Corten Steel Planter Series

Corten Steel Planter Cube/Square W-4


Corten Steel Planter Cube/Square W-21


Corten Steel Planter Rectangular W-22


Corten Steel Planter Rectangular W-23


corten steel planter

Corten Steel Planter Rectanble W-31


corten steel planter w32

Corten Steel Planter Rectangle W-32


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